Nearly two months ago I had the good fortune to be made aware of a cute dog named Maya was looking for a home and what has transpired has made a huge impact on my life here in China.

I saw Maya’s picture and write up indicating that an urgent foster home was needed on Wechat Moments. She was originally found abandoned near a construction site with her brothers and sisters and was abandoned once again by her adopters when it was discovered she was suffering from CDV (canine distemper virus).

When I went to see her at the Puppy Town vet’s office I immediately fell in love with her. She was very excited to see someone and after seeing her jumping with excitement in her cage, I knew that I wanted to bring her home with me. I fell in love with her on that first visit.

Despite her illness, she has been a fighter ever since she came home with me and I am happy to say that she is now totally recovered from her CDV thanks to working with The Lost Puppies of Beijing and the veterinarians.

The past few weeks have been so much fun having her with my mom and me. I always feel sad when I leave her in the morning, but she makes me so happy and brightens my day when I return home at the end of the day, jumping around and giving me many kisses. I always look forward to when I arrive home to see her reaction.

I can’t thank The Lost Puppies of Beijing enough for all they did to help insure Maya has found a loving home and working to help her get over her illness. It has been a memorable experience for me and I look forward to watching Maya grow and be a part of our family.

As someone who has rescued a dog from a shelter, I would urge others to try to do so if you can. These dogs are looking for love and companionship and will reward you for offering them love many times over.

Lovingly adopted by Lin