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About Lost Puppies

The Lost Puppies of Beijing is a united network of volunteer coordinators, foster homes, adopters, veterinary clinics, partners and supporters across the city who rescue, rehabilitate and re-home the many homeless dogs of Beijing. What started as a couple of rescuers in 2018 soon evolved into a large network of support for these dogs in need.

So far, Lost Puppies has rescued over 240 dogs from the streets – with that number increasing every week. We also work with a network of shelters around Beijing to help find homes for dogs who would otherwise spend most, if not all of their life at these facilities.

Lost Puppies itself is not a shelter; all our rescues stay at foster homes around the city. This helps our dogs and pups receive socialization, house training, and most importantly all the love and affection that they deserve! Our rescues feel more comfortable with home life and this fosters a smoother, more successful transition into their forever home.

We rely 100% on donations, with the funds covering our rescue and rehabilitation bills. Each year, we publish a “financial report” which summarizes the funds we collect and how we allocate the money.

When you adopt a dog from Lost Puppies, you are joining a network of supportive volunteers who will guide you through the ins and outs of dog ownership. We have a network of both English and Chinese speaking volunteers that can help dog owners navigate the intricacies of dog ownership in China, including but not limited to visits to the vet, training support, dog registration, and overseas relocation.

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