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Our Puppy Rescue Strategy

Welcome to Lost Puppies!



We work with individuals or other local organizations to rescue dogs and puppies from the street and high-kill shelters.


We have a network of foster parents that help take care of the dogs we rescue. These amazing volunteers make sure the rescues are loved, fed, vaccinated, and treated for any medical conditions.


We rigorously vet potential adopters to determine suitability. Once a dog is adopted, we check in regularly to make sure that everything is still going smoothly.

A little about us

We are a non-profit team of volunteers focused on rescuing dogs across Beijing to give them a happy and healthy life. To date, we have rescued almost 250 dogs!

When you adopt a dog from Lost Puppies, you are joining a network of supportive volunteers that will guide you through a lifetime of dog ownership. We have a network of both English and Chinese speaking volunteers that can help dog owners navigate the intricacies of pet ownership in China, including visits to the vet, training support, dog registration, and overseas relocation.

Just a few of the puppies we’ve rescued

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Our staff team is small and its a busy environment managing our Lost Puppies network, so this is the most expedient way to reach us for both appointments and questions.

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