Finances – March 2019 Update

The Lost Puppies of Beijing started in September 2018. As our organization runs primarily on donations, we understand many donors would like to know what we do with the money they so generously contribute. Starting from November 2018, we have implemented strict bookkeeping procedures that allow us to track all the donations we receive and the expenses we incur. Below is a summary of our financials from 2018/11/15 to 2019/03/31. The summary will be updated on a quarterly basis. If you’re interested in any of the details, please contact our Treasurer ([email protected]).

Wow, we're wiped!

March was an especially tough month for our team. Almost all puppies rescued from the construction site had contagious diseases and required treatment and boarding at the vet. Some of these puppies are still fighting for their lives. Please consider donating to give these puppies a fighting chance

From the start of the organization’s rescue efforts from November 2018 to about February 2019, all of our resources were directed towards rescues of dogs all over the city. In the beginning of March 2019, there were 38 puppies found in a construction site in the southeast of Beijing. Because these puppies were so small and needed so much help, we decided to focus our efforts on these puppies and do extra fundraisers to get them out of their dire situation. Since we did separate fundraising specifically for these puppies, our financials are also separated to give clarity on what was collected and spent on them since March 2019.

(Amounts in CNY)General LP Fund% of Total38 Puppies% of Total
Adoption Fees3,30030%00%
Bru’s Bows1,57614%00%
Total Revenue10,985 12,645 
Medical Bills6,41671%8,648100%
Total Expenses9,005 8,648 

Explanation of Revenue

Most of our funding comes from the generous donations from Beijing’s dog loving community. We also partner with local businesses to hold fundraising events and raffles to further raise money.

A huge thank you to Bru’s Bows, CaRaVan, AngelHack, Pebbles Courtyard and Chateau Canine for their generous support and awesome prizes which have helped us raise more than RMB 7,700 so far!

Explanation of Expenses

  • Medical bills: initial check-ups at the vet when the pup is found, treatments for any conditions (e.g. infections, illnesses such as distemper, parvo, etc.), vaccinations, neuter/spay surgeries.
  • Registration: to prevent some of our bigger dogs from getting into trouble with the police, some of them may need to be registered if they’re residing within the city.
  • Supplies: necessary items to get our fosters set up for success, including pens/crates, potty pads, flea/worm medication, dog ID tags, etc.
  • Transportation: our partner vet is located about an hour’s drive away from Beijing city center so sometimes we will arrange a vaccination day where we hire a car to pick up all the pups to get their vaccination shots all together at our vet. It works out cheaper than if all the pups get their shots individually at vets in the city as these tend to be more expensive.

For each expense incurred, we keep digital copies of the receipts. If you wish to see them, please contact our Treasurer ([email protected]).