Crate Training

We all feel bad about crate training our dog, and some even feel like it’s animal abuse to leave a dog in a confined space. We imagine dog kennels with dozens of dogs barking to be let out, and it makes us nervous to try crate training ourselves. But the truth is – crate training is perfectly safe, healthy, and extremely helpful in training dogs. This is especially true for young puppies or dogs with fear or separation anxiety issues, and of course makes travelling with your pets much less stressful for them. 

When done carefully and correctly, crate training is one of the kindest things you can do for your dog, especially when you live in the city. 

Note: training a dog to do anything is a long process. Depending on the dog, it can take weeks or even months. Be patient and most importantly – DON’T GIVE UP!

How old is your dog?


Separation anxiety – stress and fear of being away from someone or something

Destructive habits – chewing, scratching, and breaking things you don’t want them to chew, scratch, or break.

Potty trained – peeing and pooping outside consistently, without indoor accidents