Finances – January 2023 Update

The Lost Puppies of Beijing started in September 2018. As our organization runs primarily on donations, we understand many donors would like to know what we do with the money they so generously contribute. Starting from November 2018, we have implemented strict bookkeeping procedures that allow us to track all the donations we receive and the expenses we incur. Below is a summary of our financials from 2022/01/01 to 2022/12/31. The summary will be updated on an annual basis. If you’re interested in any of the details, please contact our Treasurer ([email protected]).


For the 2022 fiscal year, our revenues and expenses were broken into several distinct categories. The explanation of what each category contains includes is found below. 

Click here to see the full Finance Report for the Year 2022

Total revenue 2022: 77,151.43

Total expenses 2022: 96,358.14

Explanation of Revenue

  • Adoption fees: 400 RMB paid when someone adopts!
  • Chateau Canine: the use of the supportlostpuppies coupon when checking out on CC’s WeChat app.
  • Curvy Gal Clothing Auction Network: donations from the auction of clothing
  • Donation: lovely people who have donated funds to our organization
  • Event Donation: event organizers who have opted to donate funds generated at their own events (large events and birthday fundraisers)
  • Fundraising: funds generated at events organized by the Lost Puppies team; this includes ticket sales, silent auction proceeds, and general fundraising at events.
  • Merchandise: sales of merchandise items during events or from the LP WeChat store.
  • Vegans of Beijing: donations from VoB during monthly events held by the group.

Explanation of Expenses

  • Boarding: our largest expense category this year, boarding includes medical and non-medical stays at vets or boarding facilities. Due to a lack of fosters this year, boarding costs have increased significantly in 2022.
  • Medical bills: This includes initial check-ups at the vet when a pup is found, treatments for any conditions (e.g. infections, illnesses such as distemper, parvo, etc.), vaccinations, neuter/spay surgeries.
  • Merchandise: purchases of merchandise for sale through the store and at events.
  • Supplies: necessary items to get our fosters set up for success (e.g. ID tags, leash/collar, etc.).
  • Transportation: costs incurred during rescues, or transporting dogs/LP supplies from various locales around the city.