Reimbursement Guide

·       Please read this guide before incurring expenses that you would like The Lost Puppies of Beijing (“LP”) to pay for!

·       As stated in the Foster Application Form, foster parents are responsible for the daily needs of their pups. This includes food/treats, bed, toys, bowls, potty pads, crates, and transportation.

·       The Lost Puppies of Beijing (“LP”) will help foster parents cover expenses such as the first comprehensive medical check (when the dog is first rescued), vaccinations, neuters/spays. Reimbursements for other medical costs will be determined on a case by case basis – if your foster is sick, please inform us before your trip to the vet.

 Reimbursement Process

1.       Before taking your dog to the vet, please consult with your LP Liaison to let them know what the issue is and why you need to take your dog to the vet. The LP Liaison will help you find one of our approved vets near you and help you determine what the cost of the procedure should be.

a.       If there are no approved vets near you, the LP Liaison will help you determine how much of the cost we can help cover at a local vet.

b.      To have an idea of what a covered procedure should cost and how much we will reimburse, please consult the Reimbursement & Pricing Chart below.

2.       At the vet, double confirm with them the cost before proceeding with the treatment. We have had experiences where some disreputable vets will charge you extra after the treatment is finished, especially if the foster is not a native Chinese speaker.

3.       When paying, get a copy of the invoice with the line items of what was done and how much each line item costs (can scan or take a photo with your phone). Make sure the invoice is clear and legible. If you are not a native Chinese speaker, it is a good idea to write down a basic English translation of each line item. You should also be able to explain what the invoice was for.

4.       Submit your invoice via our Reimbursement System

a.       For specific instructions on how to fill out the form, please see the Guide to Reimbursement Submission Form below.

b.      When filling out the reimbursement request, keep in mind that the easier it is for the Treasurer to understand and process your reimbursement request, the faster you will be reimbursed. So please make sure the invoices you upload are clear/legible and the accompanying descriptions are easy to understand.

c.       Please make sure not to upload duplicate invoices.

d.       If you are submitting a reimbursement for vaccination, include a photo of the dog’s vaccination booklet showing sticker + date of vaccine

5.        The LP Treasurer will be notified of your reimbursement request via email and will work on processing your request. Reimbursements are generally processed on Mondays – if urgent reimbursement is required, contact us via the group chat. If there are no issues with your submission, you will be reimbursed. If the LP Treasurer cannot process your submission (i.e. no approvals, unreasonable amounts, or cannot understand your descriptions), we will contact you and this will cause delays in your reimbursement.

a.       We will always try to reimburse you as soon as possible. However, please understand that we rely on donations and fundraising so sometimes we may not have enough cash on hand to reimburse all requests right away. If there will be a delay, the LP team will reach out and let you know. If you have any questions, you can contact the LP Treasurer at [email protected].

Reimbursement & Pricing Chart

Below is a general guideline of how much LP will reimburse for each type of treatment. If you think your costs will exceed the reimbursement amounts listed below, please consult with your LP Liaison.



Maximum Reimbursement (RMB)


Comprehensive medical check

Includes CDV, CCV, CPV, stool and blood tests


This is for dogs that are just rescued

Deworming + deflea

Removal of internal and external parasites


One dose of deworm/deflea treatment is covered – please only purchase single doses as LP will not cover annual box treatments


8-in-1 booster shots



This is for dogs that have already had their 8-in-1 vaccinations in previous year(s)

Two 8-in-1 shots that are given 21 days apart

112 x2 (224 total)

This is for dogs that have not been vaccinated before and are OVER 6 months old

Three 8-in-1 shots that are given 21 days apart

112 x3 (336 total)

This is for dogs that have not been vaccinated before and are UNDER 6 months old



*Rabies vaccination is free in some districts


Neuters (males)


Please contact your LP Liaison for more information.

Spay (females)


For other expenses such as extraordinary medical expenses and transportation costs, please consult with the LP Treasurer at [email protected]..