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We have had Batman in our home for almost two months now. He has been a great addition to our family. He is a very sweet boy, he loves other dogs, even though it may take him a little bit to warm up to other high energy dogs. Batman loves to run and play, but is very calm inside the house. He so potty trained and very good about letting you know when he needs to use the bathroom. Batman is also a shy dog. He seems to favor females over men, but will warm up to anyone after some time. In addition to that he is smart and obedient. He always lets you enter a room first, walks perfectly on a leash, and can understand “sit”, and “shake”. Please consider him for adoption, he is a sweet dog and deserves a loving home.

Age: Young (6-18 months)
Gender: Male
Adult Size: Small (10-25 pounds)
Energy Level: Medium
House Trained: Yes
Neuter/Spay Status: Yes, this dog HAS BEEN neutered/spayed
Vaccination Status: Complete

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