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Winnie means “gentle friend” and it depicts this lovely little girl perfectly. She’s not afraid to stand up to bullies *cough* cats *cough* and will easily be found cuddling them when all is forgiven. She has a gentle energy about her, so she couldn’t be anything but a Winnie!

Winnie was part of a litter of pups rescued from the streets. Out of all the rescue pups, Winnie was one of the shyest. At first, she loved to hide in little spots throughout the hutong. Unfortunately, she wasn’t as small as she thought she was! As she started to come out of her shell, Winnie realised hide and seek was for losers – brave pups socialise!

Although Winnie is an early riser, she patiently waits for her sister to finish her morning cuddle routine before she gets one too. One of her favourite things to do is play with all the animals in the house (cats and dogs), racing her sister to see who has the craziest zoomies and getting in some sneaky cuddles when 1. I’m trying to work or 2. the other two dogs have fallen asleep.

Winnie recognises her name and is working on a few tricks to charm potential adopters!

Age: Puppy (less than 6 months)
Gender: Female
Adult Size: Small-Medium
Energy Level: Medium
House Trained: Yes
Neuter/Spay Status: No, this dog HAS NOT BEEN neutered/spayed
Vaccination Status: Ongoing

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