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One of the 4 puppies of a beautiful one-eyed rescue dog name Freya (Norse Goddess) – all four puppies were given Nordic names.

Born mid-October 2019. The only boy of four siblings, Ulfric is very playful, extremely friendly, and a very big eater. He loves to play with other dogs and also cats. He loves people and the closer he is to his person, the happier he is. As a young puppy, he’s learning where to do his business after meals and is discovering what is expected of him in his home. He’s a very quiet puppy, except when he’s hungry; he’s happy to let you know when it’s dinner time! With a little more time and training, Ulfric will be the best companion you could ever ask for.

Age: Puppy (less than 6 months)
Gender: Male
Adult Size: Small (10-25 pounds)
Energy Level: Medium
House Trained: Yes
Neuter/Spay Status: No, this dog HAS NOT BEEN neutered/spayed
Vaccination Status: Complete

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