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This is a courtesy post. The Lost Puppies team has not met or reviewed this dog and cannot guarantee the accuracy of the listing.

Teddy, male, three months old, 5.4kg, looks like a cute black Teddy bear, gentle personality, not noisy. After being checked by the pet hospital, very good health. Should be grow as a medium-sized dog. I found him in Pingguo community, seems he was very hungry and tired, I asked my friend come downstairs, gave him some water and food, he looks like very young, so we rescued him and put him in a foster home, he got warm a dog house and many food.

He is very quiet at the first 2 days, from the third say, he became more active, we found some black spot on his tongue, so we guess he may has chow chow gene.

Age: Puppy (less than 6 months)
Gender: Male
Adult Size: Medium (25-60 pounds)
Energy Level: Medium
House Trained: Working on it
Neuter/Spay Status: No, this dog HAS NOT BEEN neutered/spayed
Vaccination Status: Ongoing

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