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Sophie is a super happy and affectionate girl! She loves cuddles, kisses, and going for long walks outside. If there is a toy, she will play with it – if there’s no toy, she’ll still play! Sophie is a quick learner and takes to routines very well, especially when there are treats involved. She’s also a “protective detective”, so she’ll make sure that you’re safe wherever you go (especially in the kitchen – before letting you in, she must first inspect the floor for dangerous crumbs!).

Sophie gets along well with people so long as they are properly introduced. In addition, this playful girl is curious about other dogs and not aggressive. However, if she feels threatened, she won’t back down, so it’s important to be a strong leader when encountering new animals so as to ensure the interaction is positive.
All Sophie wants is love. She would do well in a home where she is showered with endless hugs and kisses and treats. Human affection is one of Sophie’s greatest joys in life!

Age: Young (6-18 months)
Gender: Female
Adult Size: Small (10-25 pounds)
Energy Level: Medium
House Trained: Yes
Neuter/Spay Status: Yes, this dog HAS BEEN spayed
Vaccination Status: Completed

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