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JoJo is the natural leader in her puppy group; she almost immediately took the alpha role! Even though JoJo is an independent pup, she is also brave, loyal, and adventurous. She has the easiest time out of the three puppies being left alone. In fact, I often find her comforting her brother and sister when I leave the room, going up to them and licking their faces.

JoJo is cat-friendly. She was the first to interact with my cat and include him in their play times. She’s interested in playing with my cat, not chasing him, therefore she will do well in a home with cats. Jojo is very smart and a quick learner, too! By 6 weeks old, she was able to pick up on commands like sit, and was pee pad trained after 3 days.

Age: Puppy (less than 6 months)
Gender: Female
Adult Size: Medium (25-60 pounds)
Energy Level: Medium
House Trained: No
Neuter/Spay Status: No, this dog HAS NOT BEEN neutered/spayed
Vaccination Status: Ongoing

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