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Daisy was found hiding out under the bushes in a park in Wangjing. She is such a sweet little baby pup. She is joyful, and loving, she’s cuddly and loves to sit in your lap. Her fur is truly the most gorgeous and shiny I’ve ever seen. She thinks everyone she meets is her new best friend and gets along well with both children and all animals. She’s very social and very smart. She is house trained, knows a few tricks, and is a fast learner. She has never been a trouble in terms of barking or getting into things and is a bit of a clown. She plays very well with all and is just curious and joyful. This puppy has such a beautiful soul and really deserves a home that will love and adore her for all that she is. She is so, so amazing.

Age: Puppy (~7 months old)
Gender: Female
Adult Size: Small-Medium
Energy Level: Medium
House Trained: Yes
Neuter/Spay Status: Currently scheduled
Vaccination Status: Completed

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